Hi everyone.

I have decided after much thought and discussion with others that I needed to create this website to host some of the material from WindowsObserver.com.

Specifically, I will be posting the links to all the various items I discuss in each episode of the Observed Tech PODCAST and my daily Tweeted Links.

I have been concerned for sometime that those posts, each of which contain a lot of links due to their nature, would have a negative impact on WindowsObserver.com in the search engines.

Based on recent data that is the case so beginning tomorrow I will be posting the Tweeted Links summary here and with the next episode of the Observed Tech PODCAST all the links related to that episode will be here. I will link to the entry on the main show page at WindowsObserver.com so everyone can easily find those references.

I will slowly be moving all past show note links to this site as well and removing that data from the main show notes and replacing them with an appropriate link here.

Thanks for your understanding and patience as I make this happen.

Rich aka @WinObs